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Destination Marketing

RoamTT plans and executes destination marketing projects on an ongoing basis, to help create awareness for the many sites and attractions across Trinidad and Tobago. These initiatives help grow and develop the tourism sector locally. RoamTT has successfully created profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with a total following of over 40,000 fans acquired in merely one year, with minimum paid advertising.

These profiles are extremely active with at least two posts per day, pertaining to both Trinidad and Tobago. Social media is our main tool used to draw traffic to our website. It functions as our main platform to reach the mass targets, both domestic and international. Our main strategy utilizes creative content and video advertising to stir an interest, a technique that has proven to be quite successful in the past.

Travel Video Marketing

RoamTT understands the significance of high quality, creative advertising and the role that social media plays in promoting these video advertisements. As such we launched a number of videos showcasing Trinidad and Tobago.  RoamTT has proven to be quite successful in producing viral travel videos which definitely add to the development and marketing of the local tourism industry.

We must also mention that even though the quality of our videos are second to none, a lot of its effectiveness can be attributed to the brand and market that we have so carefully built and continue to build, allowing our posts to attain high exposure when branded and delivered through our platforms. RoamTT is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest trends in marketing and technology, making our techniques ever-changing and current, allowing for us to be more competitive on an international scale, as a brand but more importantly as a tourist destination.

Other Initiatives

RoamTT has recently obtained an 8FT by 6FT sign sponsored by SIGNPOST. This sign was and will be used as a not-for-profit tool to promote picture taking and sharing on social media. It has already been showcased at countless events and will continue to be at upcoming events through-out the year. Much to our delight the sign was well received by the public with its purpose being to stimulate love for country & patriotism with the aim to share on social media for the world to see.

If you are interested in having this sign at your event, feel free to contact us at