Island Adventure



Get ready for an event like no other event ever done in Trinidad and Tobago!!! A day full of water adventures! Please note, this is not your average event, leave your fancy clothes at home, come prepared to get wet and go home tired!!

DATE: 1st August – Emancipation Day

VENUE: “Down D Islands”

MEETING POINTS: VIP- Crews Inn | General – Black Jack Marina

D E T A I L S:

Boat Shuttle Service

Adventure Water Park


Pull Alongs 

A D D I T I O N A L  F U N:

Dolphin Boarding

Stand Up Paddle

P R I C E S:

VIP – Yacht Experience (Food & Drink Inclusive) - TT$650 (Parking Not Included)

General – TT$350-Coolers Welcomed

Additional Activities (Limited Spaces Available)

Stand Up Paddle: TT$25 for half hour (Only 60 spaces available)

Dolphin Boarding: $350 for half hour (Only 6 spaces available)