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8:00 p.m. Nightly March to August


Non Locals - $35 US (Locals contact for pricing)

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Matura is home to the leather-back sea turtle, which is the  largest turtle in the world. Every year, during the months of February to July, leather-back turtles frequent the north coast beaches of Trinidad to nest, and the 7 mile long Matura Beach is one of the best places to see this amazing occurrence.

Trained guides who are nature seekers conduct tours and patrol the beach, to ensure that the turtles and their hatchlings are protected. Such a tour focuses on experiencing the nesting activities of these turtles and turtle tagging, which is a conservation effort while being in close proximity to them.

Please note that the booking facility on this page is for Roam TT. Once you provide your relevant information, we can make a booking for you or you can contact Nature Seekers directly using the number listed below.

Contact information: 668-7337 Ext. 201