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The Nariva Swamp which is situated on the east coast of Trinidad and 50 km southeast of Port-of -Spain is about 4 miles long by 1 ½ miles wide, and covers an expanse of about 3840 acres, including Bush Bush Island and Bois Neuf Forest. This area provides a habitat for many rare and endangered species of reptiles, mammals and birds, with 60 % of Trinidad’s mammal species including the manatee, red howler and capuchin monkeys being found there, along with 75% of its avian species – at least 59 species of mammals, 171 species of birds, reptiles and fishes. Included in the site are the Nariva Swamp Prohibited Area, Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary and part of the Ortoire Nariva Windbelt Forest Reserve.

The swamp is filled with Palm forests including rich and varied fauna, as well as mammals, birds, fish, crustacean, amphibians and reptiles including the Anaconda. Other species of commercial importance include the black conch, mangrove oyster and various crabs. The most commonly heard sound in the forests is that of the Cigale, an insect that emerges to fly around briefly and rest on tree trunks where it sings incessantly. During nightfall, one can hear the grunt and croak of frogs, punctuated by the eerie screech of the heron-like bird of the marshes. Kayaking through this, the largest swamp in Trinidad, allows visitors to glimpse manatees in their natural habitat, spot anacondas, caimans, and blue and gold macaws. A tour operator can be contacted for a permit if a visit is desirable.