Roam TT has compiled a list of activities which will enable tourists to get the full Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) experience.; this

list is intended to be used as a guide for daily planning. For more information on how to perform any of these activities,

please refer to the relevant sections on our website or feel free to call us, and we will be willing to help you find your way by

pairing you with a local.



Ten things for the 'All Rounded Tourist' to do:

1.Enjoy a Roti! 

2.Visit the Pitch Lake and swim in the sulphur springs!

3.Explore the magnificent treasures of the Gasparee Caves!

4.Try our local favourite 'doubles' with 'slight pepper'! 

5.Visit our popular Maracas Bay and taste the world renowned 'Bake & Shark'!

6.Take a dip in the mud volcano in Penal - L’Eau Michel!

7.Take a tour of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary and see our national bird in all its glory!

8.Witness turtle nesting, tag the turtle and track her travels around the world!

9.Pick any waterfall and experience true nature and serenity!

10.Experience a weekend night out on 'The Avenue'!


Ten things for 'Nature Lovers' & 'Beach Bums' to do:

1.Visit as many waterfalls and pools as possible, we have endless!

2.Visit the Pitch Lake and bathe in the sulphur springs.

3.Visit the mud volcano at Penal (L'Eau Michel)and dive in!

4.Visit the Caroni Bird Sanctuary and witness the true beauty of our national bird!

5.Visit the ASA Wright Nature Center!

6.Visit the Wild Fowl Trust!

7.Experience the Gasparee Caves and swim in the clear waters!

8.Take a ‘Down the Islands' tour (DDI), and experience true island life!

9.Go bike riding at the Bamboo Cathedral!

10.Visit the local Zoo & Botanical Gardens!


Places to visit if you’re into Night Life! 

1.The Avenue 

2.St James Main Road

3.Movie Towne, Fiesta Plaza, P.O.S.

4.Movie Towne, Chaguanas

5.One Woodbrook Place 

6.51 Degrees Night Club

7.ARIA Night Club

8. TZAR Night Club

9.HAZE Night Club

10.Paprika Bar & Lounge

11. Rustreet Bar & Lounge

12.SIAM Night Club 

13. VAS Night Club 

14.Shade Night Club - Tobago 

22 Lounge 



Ten Things for the all round tourist to do in Tobago:

1.Take the Glass Bottom Boat Tour and visit the Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool & No Man’s Land!

2.Visit Argyle Waterfall - over 10 levels to explore!

3.Spend the day at Pigeon Point and be sure to experience the sunset from the jetty!

4.Take a jet-ski ride along the west coast of Tobago and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

5.Eat a 'Crab and Dumpling' from Store Bay and then bathe in the pristine waters of Store Bay Beach!

6.Party at the popular Shade Night Club!

7.Take in the world class aerial view of the mountains and sea at Parlatuvier!

8.Experience local night life on Sundays at 'Sunday School' in Buccoo!

9.Visit the Main Ridge reserve to bird watch and explore endless trails!

10.Enjoy the magnificent view from Fort Bennett, Fort King George & Fort James!