Roam TT Ad Locations Revealed

Written by: Tevyn Gill

Anse Paoua 

This small, uninhabited island is located just past Scotland Bay, DDI (on the right side if you’re heading west) and has 2 main jump sites, one for the brave and one for the ballsy. The first jump seen is from the main entrance point onto the island with the second involving a mini-hike up the rocks, around the flat point of the island and through an opening of trees. We would like to emphasize, though, that this particular jump is not for the faint of heart. So, if you find yourself yearning to experience that adrenaline rush, also expect the water-wedgie of a lifetime!

P.S. Keep an eye out for our (non-official) national birds, the corbeaux, as this is one of their popular hang-out spots. 😉

Argyle Falls

Tobago’s premier and most popular (and not the ONLY, as you will also learn in this article) waterfall located in a small forested area just outside Roxborough. Once you have safely secured your vehicle in the designated parking area, all that separates you from a majestic, 175 ft, cascading waterfall is a 20 minute walk and $50.A little-known fact about this waterfall is that there are more than 10 climbable levels, each with smaller falls and pools along the way. The third level also boasts an especially stunning view of the Caribbean Sea. However, the fourth level is the personal favorite of our ROAM team, equipped with its own mini-fall and small, cool pool for bathing and relaxing with your friends.

Turure Watersteps

This interesting river is tucked away in the valley of Cumaca, its source originating in the limestone region of Platanal. The formation of this “waterfall” is very unique as it is officially called a waterstep. Each elevation showcases a new level of pools for bathing as well as a new level of beauty carved by nature and time. Although our Roam Team mainly based at the third level, we assure you, there is a lot more to see. The waterfall’s step-like formation makes climbing upstream easy for all outdoor aces and Instagram adventurers alike!

Touch and Taste Restaurant & Lounge 

This restaurant is one of the hidden gems of fine Trinidadian cuisine, carefully tucked away in the back roads of Couva that will have you saying, “Is all this in the back here? You may even switch from feeling a bit lost to feeling a bit Columbus-esque after discovering this remarkable restaurant. For those not familiar with the area at all, you may get that funny feeling like Waze is setting you up, but trust us. Like most things and places you will find on this site, it’s well worth the adventure!

Highland Falls

The tallest, single drop waterfall in Tobago is yet another one of Mother Nature’s skillfully hidden treasures. Though not as popular as Argyle (we’re not sure why), Highland provides an equally breathtaking experience to locals and tourist alike. There’s a climbable rocky ledge that provides an outstanding right side view of the falls and a sizable pool at the bottom to complete the exotic aesthetic. This is a perfect waterfall to take the entire family, with most of the path being 4×4 accessible and the rest, a manageable walk to the end. The path’s toughest and most unexpected obstacles will probably come in the form of the occasional grazing bull and random loads of cow dung. So be sure to avoid wearing any red articles of clothing or your ‘good’ shoes.

L’eau Michel (Pronounced La Moshell)

Surely you’ve heard about it, but for those of you who haven’t, this magical mud volcano is located on Penal Rock Road. This reclusive attraction features pools of thick grey mud, dense enough to keep an entire human body safely suspended and unable to sink. So you can put your quick sand nightmares to bed and not worry about drowning in a pit of mud. It won’t happen. A 4×4 vehicle of some kind is definitely necessary to make it to this location, preferably more than one, should anyone run into any difficulty. In fact, we also recommend that you walk with some rope just in case (No, not that little goat rope you have laying around your house). During the rainy season it is not uncommon for trucks to get stuck in the high levels of dense mud, so make sure you have your tow essentials.

Fort Bennett Channel

Located in Black Rock, this fort is a beautiful lookout point, providing aerial views of both Stonehaven Bay and Great Courland Bay. The fort is equipped with a quaint little gazebo that overlooks the bay and, just past it, an old fence with a big ‘secret’. Or, more like a big hole. Regardless, for those adventurous enough to sneak through this ‘secret’ hole, the clear, deep waters of a hidden channel await them on the other side of a short, winding and sloping path. This beautiful channel runs straight out into Black Rock Bay and is great for all our jump/diving enthusiasts. However, the best time of day to indulge is around 1pm/low tide as opposed to during the high tide which can be dangerous. We recommend this attraction mainly for strong swimmers and if the water appears to be rough, we here at Roam TT do not advise going in. Please use your discretion before jumping or diving in.

Chacachacare Peninsula (DDI)

The isle of the abandoned leper colony is home to stunning views and a whole heap of history. But for this particular adventure, we decided to explore the views from the peninsula. There is no direct boat access to this location so, instead, dock by the nearby bay and simply follow the trail alongside the island, to get to this amazing vantage point.

Road to Icacos

This long strip of road falls gracefully between two masses of water and is surrounded by what seems like the most palm trees you’ll ever see in your life. Located on the most south western tip of the island, this point provides amazing views of unimaginable sunsets. However, with Venezuela within eyeshot and the development of a slight language barrier, Icacos may leave you wondering if you are still in Trinidad after all. So, for you adventurers up to the task, we suggest you brush up on your Spanish and pack some extra snacks, because this is also going to be the longest drive you will ever make in your life!

Emperor Valley Zoo

For those completely unaware that T&T actually has a zoo, far less for the animals found inside it, yes we do really have lions and tigers but, unfortunately, no bears…yet. The Bengal tigers shown in the video were found here at the Emperor Valley Zoo on a rainy day. Though not quite the African safari, the variety of animals housed at the zoo also include giraffes, monkeys, a pony and an assortment of scary snakes in windows you’ll be absolutely tempted to tap/lean on (but please don’t). Dare to venture to see the new and improved version, take the entire family to see all the wonders our local zoo offers right in our own backyard!