Reservation Required

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Daily

Adults $10US Children $6US

Parking Area

Located on the Spring Hill Estate in the middle of the northern range hills, this was originally a cocoa, coffee and citrus plantation. In attempts to protect the Arima Valley and to create a conservation area, the Asa Wright Nature Centre was established in 1967, covers 720 acres of tropical rainforest and is internationally recognised as a leading centre for bird-watching.

This nature centre is home to 150 species of birds and a visit to the famous nocturnal oilbird colony in nearby Dunston Cave, is also available to guests who overnight at the centre’s lodge. A refurbished plantation house provides the hub, around which activities revolve. Such activities include the panoramic views over the Arima Valley including sighting birds, agoutis, and the large golden tegu lizard.

After enjoying the fabulous catering provided at the Plantation House, one can become lost in tranquility at the centre’s gallery, as one enjoys the view of the continual procession of birds at the feeders below.

Please note that the booking facility on this page is for Roam TT and not for Asa Wright. Once your details have been entered, we can arrange the booking for you or you can contact them directly using the number listed below.

Contact information: 667-4655