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4:00 p.m. daily

TTD $60 (USD $10) per person

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A large wetland area extending along Trinidad’s western shoreline south of Port-of-Spain, the Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary is bounded to the north by the Caroni River, to the east by the Uriah Butler Highway, to the west by the Gulf of Paria and to the south by the Madame Espagnol River.

It is the home of Trinidad’s national bird the Scarlet Ibis as well as the Bird of Paradise, which flock to its mangrove trees to roost at sunset.  A wide variety of wildlife is housed at this mangrove swamp including 186 species of birds: osprey, herons, white flamingos, ployers and egrets.

This area contains dense vegetation, many canals, some lakes and rich fauna. The wildlife housed here includes a variety of insects, mammals, fishes, crustacean, reptiles and birds, of which the main attraction is the Scarlet Ibis. Several thousands of them nest and roost in the sanctuary, and can be seen in large numbers during the last two hours of daylight, creating a spectacular show.

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