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Cost: Free

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The Chaguaramas Military History and Aerospace Museum is located just off the Western Main Road in Chaguaramas, immediately before the Coastguard Heliport. This museum traces the military history of Trinidad, as it consists of 12,000 feet of indoor displays, with outdoor items and memorials on a 4 acre site. This museum chronicles raids and battles that took place in Trinidad, as well as Trinidadians’ involvement in wars that took place in other parts of the world, starting with the Amerindians to present day. An extensive section is devoted to the Conquistadors and 300 years of Spanish rule and ending with the British capture of the island in 1797.

Exhibits also demonstrate the British Colonial period of the Napoleonic Wars and its effect on South America, to the end of the 19th century tracing the history of the island’s military affairs. Samples of weapons used in each era, uniforms of military units, artifacts, models, photographs, documents and vehicles are also on display here..