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A mud volcano located in New Grant south Trinidad, this area is actually a mud volcano field with several vents scattered across the area. Warm bubbling mud is forced through these vents, forming cones as it cools. This is actually a very peaceful area now, with the mud giving a slight hiss and pop sound, as opposed to in the past when there were violent eruptions. Several picnic benches have been placed around the area surrounding the mud volcano vents.

There is also a large area of grass where children can play, a small cricket field with a pavilion and a paved car park. There are several versions of how its name was derived one of which is that, after its first eruption in 1852 when the entire village was shaken and trees fell, frightened villagers who were Amerindians at the time and were superstitious, believed that the devil came out of the earth and cut down the woods.

Please note that during the dry season, these volcanoes may not be very active since they tend to dry up momentarily with the heat and as such, we do not recommend visits during at this period.