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Named after the British King George III and built in the early 1770’s, this fort was erected as an appropriate defense for Scarborough and today, the canons remain in their present state, overlooking the coast. The officer’s mess, prisoner’s bell tank and barracks can still be viewed. Its position atop the Scarborough hill put the battalions stationed there at an advantage, with respect to the view of Scarborough, Bacolet, the Windward coast and the Lowlands.

The remnants of this fort remain one of Tobago’s best preserved monuments. There now exist, interesting memorabilia from the past. The barrack guardhouse of Fort King George presently accommodates the Tobago Museum, where artifacts from Tobago’s early history and Amerindian artifacts, military relics and documents from colonial times can be seen, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the museum’s opening hours.