HikeNation is a premium ecotourism brand that specializes in outdoor experiences. We have hosted events for Families, NGOs and Corporate clients. Our specialties range from Private Nature Tours, All-Inclusive Hikes & Team Building. Our aim is to bring adventure minded individuals together in search of paradise, while offering people a viable fun social alternative to the typical party scene. In February 2015 we successfully merged the thrill of discovering nature with the amenities of the most popular fete.

Thus the All-Inclusive Hike was born, the perfect blend of People, Snacks, Drinks and Vibes. We became the first hiking club to set a new standard of adventure, creating the now legendary HikeNation Outdoor Experience. This radical concept shocked the local industry, yet revitalized an other wise mundane hiking culture. In the first year of operation, HikeNation has taken 1500 plus hikers over hills and valleys across Trinidad & Tobago with an impeccable safety record. Every month our creative concepts push the boundaries of FUN a little further. All lead by a highly specialized team of Photographers, Hike Leaders and Adventure Consultants, their experience and passion for the outdoors ensure our patrons; always have a safe and enjoyable time. The HikeNation experience has been featured on CNC3 Sports News, 96.1 FM & Newsday.


HikeNation is backed by some of the biggest sponsors & outdoor partners in the industry from food & beverage, media, fitness and healthcare. Your hike will benefit from these brands along with our extensive marketing network. You will join the selected few who have participated in the HikeNation Outdoor Experience.


  • Avocat Waterfall
  • Balandra Basins
  • Paria Waterfall
  • Rincon Waterfall
  • Mermaid Pools
  • Rio Seco Waterfall
  • Turure Watersteps
  • Guanapo Gorge
  • Rampanalgas
  • Matelot Falls
  • Cyril Bay & Waterfall
  • Gasparee Caves
  • Mt Tabor at Mt St Benedict
  • Salt Ponds Chacachacare
  • Monos Island


Address: Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Email: 1hikenation@gmail.com

Contact Number:  +1 868 333 HIKE

Facebook: HikeNation

Instagram: @HikeNationClub

Website: www.hikenationclub.com