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Where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean at the north eastern tip of Trinidad east of Toco, lies the rocky outcrop of Galera Point. History dictates that, in the 17th century Amerindians threw themselves from Galera Point to their death, rather than being captured by the Spanish. Built in 1897 at this location, the Toco Lighthouse, re-named the Keshorn Walcott Toco Lighthouse in commemoration of this athlete’s gold medal victory at the 2012 Olympics, stands seventy feet high overlooking crashing waves.

The letters VR and J are inscribed on the lighthouse to commemorate the 50th Jubilee of Victoria Regina. At times, the lighthouse is opened to allow visitors to ascend its steps.

Around the lighthouse a park and picnic area has been developed, with benches and tables being shaded by almond and sea grape trees. The area of Galera is also historical as it is the area of the first English settlement in Trinidad. Originally, the lighthouse was equipped with a kerosene light and this shone through a revolving lens with 4,000,000 candelas. In 1950 however, the lantern was removed and replaced by a smaller automatic revolving light. In 1984, this was also upgraded to an 8 metre long trestle with a brighter beacon light, covering a 16 nautical mile radius and reaching an elevation of 43 metres. This light is characterized by a 6 second on and 6 second off blinking pattern.