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Situated in Tabaquite, the 660 foot long Knolly’s Tunnel was thought to be the only man-made tunnel in Trinidad. In order to facilitate the train line that had been extended from Cunupia to Tabaquite, this tunnel was constructed in 1898, to go through one of the Hills in the Central Range. This was a significant venture because at that time, cocoa was a dominant crop and the Tabaquite region was a big producer of it. The reason for the extension of the railway system, was therefore to permit cocoa estates to move their produce from this area. As a result, the tunnel which was constructed through the ridge was named Knolly’s Tunnel after the Acting Governor Courtney Knolly, and remained operational until 30th August 1965. This eventually became an attraction to many, as they rode the train merely to experience traversing through the tunnel. This tunnel is also very dark and home to many bats. If you are interested in the adventure, we welcome you to drive through the tunnel and to sound your car horn midway in, to experience thousands of bats coming alive!