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This mud volcano is located in Bunsee Trace, Penal south Trinidad, where the hike to the volcano from the beginning of Bunsee Trace is approximately 20 minutes long. The trail which goes through sugar cane fields and a teak forest has rolling terrain and an agricultural, dirt road. This is a wet type volcano with mud rising in the form of bubbles and then flowing down the sides of the cone, trailing away from the centre in all directions, with its outpourings covering a large area.

Best visiting times are during the dry season when there is no mud on the trail, but scorching heat from the sun instead. As such, perhaps a visit to Lamoshell Beach is in order afterwards.  Please note that to get to this magnificent volcano one must have a jeep or van since the trail is ‘off-road’ and may be a challenge for cars, especially during the rainy season. This site is fairly undiscovered and there are no facilities here. If you’re feeling adventurous, we encourage you to slide up and down the muddy outskirts or simply take a dip in the pool, to enjoy how your body floats with ease whilst experiencing a cool, soothing sensation that is inexplicable!