Restroom Facilities

$20 Entrance Fee

Parking Area

Shops & Restaurant


Blue Sea Water

Calm Waves

No Wifi

With its sun-kissed turquoise waters, soft white sand tattooed by palm tree silhouettes, Pigeon Point has always epitomized the ‘sun, sea and sand’ ideal of Paradise. Shades of green and blue water mix varying palettes depending on the day. With its white coral sand, calm and shallow waters protected by Buccoo Reef, great swimming, snorkeling and available facilities include cabanas, bar and restaurant providers, and several water-sport providers. Depending on personal preference, this beach which is divided into three sections – North Beach, Main Beach and South Beach, provides a variety of options vis-à-vis aquatic and non-aquatic activities.

Such activities/facilities range from: restaurants providing tasty local and international cuisine, shopping, parking and bathroom facilities on the main beach; water sports, windsurfing and kite boarding on the windy north beach; kayaking and paddle boarding on the serene stretch of the south beach. Glass-bottom boat tours also depart from here, for the Reef and Nylon Pool.