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Located at the northwest corner of Queen’s Park Savannah on Maraval Road there is a group of mansions referred to as The Magnificent Seven, built between 1900 and 1910. These buildings which demonstrate outstanding examples of European colonial architecture in Trinidad and Tobago include: Queen’s Royal College, Hayes Court, Mille Fleurs, Roomor, Archbishop’s House, Whitehall and Stollmeyer’s Castle.

The prominent Queen’s Royal College was constructed in 1904 and is of German Renaissance design. Hayes Court was the residence of the Anglican Bishop and is currently under renovation; next door is Mille Fleurs which was built in 1904 for the Prada family. Ambard’s House or Roomor is the only building presently functioning as a private residence, while the Archbishop’s House which has been renovated and is being used by the Catholic church, is a mere three doors away from the Anglican Bishop’s residence. Whitehall was used as the Prime Minister’s office until 2008 but is presently being restored and renovated for use as a Protocol House for visiting dignitaries..

Last but not least Stollmeyer’s Castle, originally named Killarney and remaining the property of the Stollmeyers until the 1970’s, is being restored for conversion to a Protocol House as well.. Some of these colonial era buildings are still in use and in excellent condition such as Queen’s Royal College and Archbishop’s House. One is welcomed to view these buildings to get a true taste of ancient architectural cultures, and experience how it all began