G E N E R A L  T O U R S

RoamTT has collaborated with tour companies to facilitate any group tour request for both international and domestic groups. This can be done by contacting us personally or through the use of our online booking system. (Coming Soon)

For direct assistance with booking a tour, feel free to email us at roamttevents@gmail.com

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P R I V A T E  B O N F I R E S

Upon request RoamTT can host a bonfire for a group of 2-50 persons. This service includes, setting up a bonfire, beach mats, flambeaus, hammocks, music, 10 x 10 tent, tables, marshmallows, skewers and light refreshments. This beach gathering is perfect for birthdays or other celebrations. For more information or to book us for a bonfire please email us at roamttevents@gmail.com .

L I V E  L I K E  A  L O C A L 

RoamTT offers a service whereby we connect tourists (Groups of 1-4) with a local representative to guide their experience for a day. This person will tailor the day’s activities to suit your interests and hobbies. For more information on our “Live Like a Local” service feel free to contact us at roamttevents@gmail.com

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