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No Entrance Fee

Parking Area

Shops & Restaurant


Green Sea Water

Moderate Waves

No Wifi

Turtle Beach also known as Great Courland Bay, got its name from the vast number of turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. This is a mile-long sloping, sandy beach which is popular for horseback riding, water sports, and as a nesting ground for huge leather-back turtles from March to August.

Its coconut palms, sea grapes and almond trees make it truly scenic, spotted by anchored yachts at the eastern end of the bay. The azure coloured water and its golden, sandy beach with trees in the background interspersed with picnic tables and benches, also makes it a dream to behold. Bird watching can also be done from the northern end, and along the beach umbrellas and chairs are available for rental purposes, while vendors make souvenirs and handicraft available for purchase.