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9am to 5pm Weekly 10am to 5pm Weekends

$15 TT or $2.50 US per person

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A wildlife reserve for the protection of endangered birds and waterfowl, and for the breeding of other birds for return to natural wildlife areas, the Wildfowl Trust offers environmental education and public awareness, research, breeding and re-introduction programmes for locally endangered wetland birds.

In addition, it lobbies for improved environmental policies and the implementation of the country’s wise use of natural resources. The national bird, the Scarlet Ibis and the White Ibis, breed in captivity here. Located within a large petrochemical complex, it encompasses 26 hectares and 2 lakes, with a forest trail being created near the lakes, a small Amerindian Museum and an Environmental Learning Centre, where visitors can learn more about the wetland habitat, interpretive trails and bird-watching opportunities.

Please note that the booking facility on this page is for Roam TT, and if you provide us with your information we can make a booking for you.  If you wish to contact them directly, please call the number listed below.

Contact information: 658-4200 Ext 2512